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Okay, so we are approaching the 1st year anniversary of the Elegant Emu Facebook hacking incident. To fill you in briefly on the event, horrible but highly intelligent people hacked my Elegant Emu Facebook page, my PayPal account and my email account. Money began being stolen from my bank account in small amounts every 30 mins from 1am on a Saturday morning !!!

Major panic !!!

Leap to action!!!

Then with huge thanks to the fantastic young woman at Bankwest ,thieves were thwarted and all funds were returned to my now very meagre bank balance.

Next step, recover my Facebook page ,regain administrative access to my Facebook accounts and everything will be great again then I can get on with doing what I do best.... create delicious.... well how naive was I?!

Facebook customer service equates to zero.

Does Facebook care? No.

I accessed every help ,support and business advice page Facebook has in World Wide Web of no information. I reported a hacked account. I attempted recovery from trusted third part Facebook users. I even trudged to the post office to buy a stamp and airmail an envelope with an old fashioned letter begging for assistance.

And now I have depleted my patience and decided to reconnect with all of you my supporters, visitors , friends , family and future patrons with my new Facebook page; Paris End of Adavale aka Elegant Emu.

So now I am inviting you to join the fun , enjoy the journey , tell everyone, follow , share and comment. But never ever book your Elegant Emu High Tea or Degustation or anything else on Facebook. Simply book online at or call 0408296404. Thanks 🙏

Cheers Cristina

PS my old Elegant Emu page is still there to haunt me. Please ignore it?

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