Delightful Handcarved Soapstone Bag Bling / Key Chain In 5 Fabulous Colours. Exclusive To Elegant Emu. 10 cm Long from ring to foot. 5.5 cm W from tail to beak. Size, colour and style variations are to be expected in this beautiful hand made item. So your key ring is truely uniquely yours.

Elegant Emu Bag Bling / Key Ring

  • Handcarved from soapstone ,each key ring/bag bling is unique and provides valuable employment and skill building opportunities in Kenya.  An old tradition and one of the greatest contributors to the economic development of Kenya, Kisii carvers have passed knowledge and skills from father to son for generations. The stone is quarried,carved, polished and painted by hand. Elegant Emu soapstone key chains are hand crafted by Tabaka Chigware Youth Self Help group to avoid blatant exploitation of workers and their families. These delightful carved emus are available in five fabulous colours.

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