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Hi, I'm the one who makes, bakes and designs the things you see on this website and in my charming little boutique. Everything is handmade because I believe made by people matters. My Cristina For Fair Trade  handbags and the wonderful treasures you can discover at Elegant Emu are Fair Trade because I believe all peoples lives are important , there is no excuse for exploitation, everyone deserves an education, health care, a childhood and, the opportunity to prosper. We only have one planet, it's a beautiful place that takes care of us and we should take care of it.​

This website isn't only about Elegant Emu, Cristina For Fair Trade handbags and my famous twist breads. It's about how baking can improve your life. It's about deciding to change your life and make a difference. It's about the day I woke up feeling lost , the day I ruined Christmas, the day I couldn't stand to look at the time, again, wishing my days away doing a job I hated . It's about buying a cookbook and a loaf of sourdough. It's about running out of options, taking a chance and waking up with a smile. It's about having a wonderful family and great friends. Finding yourself surrounded by freshly baked bread, yummy cakes, beautiful handbags, drinking red wine while eating homemade marshmallows and saying yes.

So if one day you find yourself in the middle of nowhere in need of bread or perhaps a handbag and this happens in Adavale don't hesitate to stop by, treat yourself and have a chat...

And a special thank you to Mayan Traditions for allowing me to become a design partner and their exceptional quality and craftspersonship.

 Cristina Zito

Cristina Zito
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