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In The Beginning

Guess what the first ever fair trade product was?

In 1949 the Church of the Brethren founded the organisation SERRV International -Sales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation and Vocation - as a way to help economic and social recovery for refugees after World War II. And you guessed it!!! The first import was wooden cuckoo clocks from Germany to Maryland for sale in the United States.

SERRV expanded from assisting World War II refugees to poverty alleviation throughout the worlds least developed countries by importing handicrafts. In 1999 SERRV International left the Church of the Brethren to become an independent organization.

Today quality #fairtrade products are widely available, and are part of a bigger consciousness of #organic, #environmentallysustainable, #handmade and, #slowfashion. A huge and growing range of products are readily available and partnering opportunities exist for designers like me, #cristinaforfairtrade from #elegantemu.

Seems like there's no excuse not to join in, and why not?!!

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