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How Adavale?

The number one question part 2...

Sometimes to get to the why you first have to reveal the how. And this is the beginning of the how. Way before Elegant Emu was even a thought.

We’ve all had them, you know one of those memorable nights when caution is thrown to the wind, the evening takes on it’s own ebb , you ride the flow, the mood is good and, everything seems like a great idea. Then you wake up on the couch of your mates share accommodation house with a couple of large orange witches hats and a few flashing orange torch lights in the middle of the lounge room. Maybe two or three minutes pass as the room strobes safety orange and you go, oh yeah, that’s right - cause we all know it‘s not really stealing when you borrow stuff from council road works.

Well these things can happen anytime, anywhere even Adavale. Except you wake up at the free camping facility - which is actually really good - and, the oh yeah that’s right moment leaves you wishing you still had the witches hats and flashing safety torches for the should be condemned house you have just bought.

Ok, the one my husband and me just bought with an old fridge, plastic table and a miss matched set of cutlery thrown in for good measure...and we thought the free set of steak knives had been outdone.

Well, you get the gist...catch you later...

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