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Why Adavale ?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

The number one question...

Ok, so this is where I endeavour to answer the number one question I get asked by people visiting my charming little fairtrade boutique/patisserie...why Adavale?

Well, first for those of you whom have never visited Adavale you need to know it’s a tiny remnant town made up of a hotch potch of timber and corrugated iron buildings, dongas, a pub , police station, hall, cattle yards and rodeo grounds and, of course the latest addition Elegant Emu - that’s my place - with a population of about fifteen on a good day.

This town is steeped in history - and dust - the romance of shearers, the Duraks and Costellos, cattle droving and, railway building and journeys - although the rail never quite made it to

Adavale, so there ended the journey and the town; with the help of a few, floods, droughts, wool price crash , failed small soldier settlement holdings and a whole wide world beyond the boundaries of the Quilpie Shire - a place of ancient landscapes, big sky, super starry nights and, dusty willy willys.

It was the eternal attraction to this romance - the kind of romance which attaches itself to steam trains, hot air balloons and time travel - a sense of adventure, a search for danger and, a cold beer that introduced me to Adavale, outback Queensland.

So today - after an arduous and sometimes fantastic journey - on the veranda of the old doctor's residence, built in 1927, is the delightful Elegant Emu. And the ubiquitous question, which I must admit I often ask myself. So, in my feeble attempts at a response I can simply say today there are so many reasons why and as many reasons why not. Considering I cannot answer all of these in this short blog post I will try to answer each reason in future posts.

Catch you later...

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