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And High Tea Society Suggests....

OK , so here’s the guff , a big thank you to high tea society for their article showcasing regional high tea venues for seriously indulgent getaways. I checked out a few of their suggestions and, if I wasn’t busy preparing for this season’s Elegant Emu high teas I’d be high teaing my heart out across the country. Well done to all the lovely places.

And you guessed it my very own Elegant Emu made the list... hooray to me... I must admit I was truly chuffed to see the words Elegant Emu , Adavale in this beautiful article It's worth a peak, check it out today.

And of course you must heed a suggestion from such a prestigious establishment as high tea society and see Elegant Emu for yourself. You can book your delightful high tea experience online at . Your outback adventure isn't complete without an #elegantemu experience. See you at the Emu #highteagetaway .

Catch You Later

Cristina Zito

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