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Emu's Nest... A group for friends from the middle of nowhere.

I sit lamenting the days when interesting people from far away places would pop into Elegant Emu. Looking at stacked up tables and chairs in the shed, walking around an empty veranda, I flick aimlessly through recipe books, get a burst of positive energy and, bake up a storm. Wonderfully tantalising aromas waft through my house only to enhance my experience of Bake with Anna Olson on SBS and, I wish I had customers, and Anna Olson's oven.

30 - 35 minutes later my boss calls - AKA my oven, as opposed to Anna Olson's - a wonderfully flaky, crispy, yummy, creamy, gooey creation of something or other finds its way from oven to bench to plate to mouth - usually mine - then inevitably onto some lower part of my body - I have no desire to be Kardashian-esque. OK, so now my pantry is lighter and no need to say anymore, another burst of positive energy - surprisingly, while I stash the bathroom scales into the deep dark recesses of somewhere too hard to find - I figured if all you wonderful people can't come to Elegant Emu I can create an Emu world where all those who have experienced, plan to, want to, or don't even know they want to yet can.

So throwing caution to the wind I added a group page to my website called - you guessed it - Emu's Nest. A place where we can post pics, comment, share memories, join discussions, or maybe even get the hot gossip - for those that remember Adavale's first wedding in 80 years. No kids yet. - after all, what have I got to lose? So if you are keen, interested or curious about joining the Emu's Nest pop over to click view and read on, join and, post your favourite photos or memories... Let the fun begin.

Catch You Later


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