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A History of Handbags

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

A little brief did you know about handbags.

Handbag Briefs Hung Out

The man bag is not new...pockets were not invented till the 17th century and men and women sported handbags for their daily essentials.

Mrs Parkinson was the owner of the worlds first #designerhandbag, when in 1841 her husband Samuel Parkinson - of butterscotch lollies fame - commissioned HJ Cave to , design and produce leather travel bags of various sizes for Mrs Parkinson's steam train journeys.

The most influential factor in the evolution of the handbag was the emancipation of women. As women grabbed hold of the world they gabbed hold of changing handbags to meet their daily needs, document bags for work, practical walking and visiting bags and stylish sparkling evening bags.

Guiness World Records has the most expensive #handbag of 2018 at $3.8 million a gorgeous heart shaped, diamond encrusted evening purse by Mouawad. A bag that would surely be left on the shelf by most of us.

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