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I Spent 162 Days In My Handbag

Now, Pilot Pen Australia, a company that started 100 yrs ago when a nautical engineer set out to create a brag worthy fountain pen and, hence we have the pilot pen, conducted a survey of almost 1500 Australian women - don't you just love the way statistics are always rounded up, I mean why not 1467 women or whatever the actual number of women were - to de-mystify our handbags. To start with I found this odd, until finally the cog clicked; of course we all carry a pen around in our bags - well I haven't surveyed anyone, but I always carry a pen or two so, because I do that means everybody must. I mean no-one is now saying 'Who does that?' right.

Anyway the survey found that 18.5 %, or should I say almost 20%, of women spend 162 days out of their lives rummaging through their handbags and, 34.5% or, almost 35% of women spend 81 days of their lives rummaging. While 3.7%, or almost 4% of women knew exactly where to find everything - in their bags I presume.

Another fascinating fact about surveys is - according to US based organisation mTab - approximately 50% of people don't tell the truth when answering surveys and - according to BBC we all know where they're based - one third of people don't tell the truth. So, can I conclude that we ladies either spend more or less time rummaging or, US residents are less honest than UK residents. No stats on Australians, we're an honest bunch.

Leave a comment on how much time you spend rummaging. Or, how many surveys you told the truth in. And if you are looking for a new #handbag to rummage through check out the gorgeous handbags designed by me at

Catch You Later

Cristina Zito

P.S Our handbags are still a mystery.

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