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Where do my handbags come from?

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

An insight into the Mayan tradition of backstrap weaving in Guatemala.

Traditional Mayan Backstrap Weaving

As told by Mayan legend the goddess Ixchel invented backstrap weaving and created the cosmos on her loom. Still today homage is given to the goddess of childbirth, medicine and weaving through the creation of beautiful textiles.

The tradition of backstrap (stick loom) weaving in Guatemala pre dates history and connects women to their culture as well as their land. This textile art is passed through the generations from mothers or grandmothers to young girls. The weaver is integrated into the loom as the #backstrap is tied around her waist and the other end tied to a tree or post. The weaving process connects her to nature and the environment.

The #handbags from #CristinaForFairTrade are made by the women of Guatemala using traditional backstrap weaving and are exclusively available from #ElegantEmu.

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