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Why handbags and high tea?

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

When you can't go to the high tea....bring the high tea to yourself.

A Bit of Luxury in The Outback.

Welcome to the future of Elegant Emu...I'm telling the world about my dream to have a cosy little high tea joint in #Adavale (go ahead google it - Adavale that is - and you'll get where I'm coming from - literally!). I'm imagining pretty petite pastries, delicate madeline's ,rich chocolate thingies, pastel tea sets, champagne flutes or red wine (cause you just can't beat a combo of my homemade marshmallows and wine...true decadence) all set amongst my #designerhandbags with a background of music, chit chat and laughter. Well that's my vision for next year, so I'll keep you the mean time check out my blog for all things interesting about #handbags, high tea and the occasional delish recipe. Cause I like things just a little bit fancy.

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