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Earlier this year I became aware of an opportunity (thank you Quilpie Shire Council) to become part of Femecomomy, that's their logo up top, and yes along with ten other amazing women in remote Qld I was chosen (now doesn't that make me seem awesome) to participate in Femeconomy's offerings. Now if you are wondering what all this means exactly well Femeconomy are a for profit social enterprise show casing female leadership and entrepreneurship (if that doesn't rock I don't know what does) demonstrating to all what fascinating things can be done by women.

Founders Jade Collins and Alanna Bastin-Byrne launched Femeconomy in September of 2016. Champions of gender equality and economic independence for women defining, demonstrating and promoting the female economy is their gig and you can be part of it too. Search women led brands so you can see where to shop for everything from luxury handbags (that's one of my gigs) to petrol and everything else you want to go shopping for (yes, we all want to go shopping) subscribe to their newsletter or even submit your own brand either way make those 'The Future Is Female' words on your T-shirt real and check out their website. You can start with this link, cause yeah That's Me On The Internet and have a good look around at everything else Have fun and see you there.

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